Our Story

At MAVU our mission is to inspire self-expression and celebrate the uniqueness of life by creating handcrafted wearable art for everyone. We reimagine the use of classical Indian tie-dye techniques like Bandhani and Shibori with premium natural fabrics, contemporary styles and distinctive colors to create fashion that is original, sustainable, and gender fluid. The alchemy of the tie dye process ensures that no two MAVU creations can ever be identical to each other.

All our creations are made in India where our team consists of native designers and artists that have carried a thousand year old garment dyeing tradition from generation to generation. We are a family owned collective with diverse backgrounds that have come together to share the culture ofIndia through our apparel.


Which means ‘to tie’ is a traditional Indian garment dyeing technique that involves plucking and tying cloth into small binds to create a design pattern. The garment is then immersed in colour and later untied to reveal the full manifestation of the alchemical process.

At MAVU our mission is to empower the artists that have carried forward the technique of Bandhani from generation to generation by giving their art a global platform so that it can be shared with everyone.